Kickin' Pickled Beet Recipes - Epic Nachos

Epic Nachos

There are so many combinations of flavors that work perfectly with the Kickin' Pickled Beet from Fed Up Foods. These Nachos are a great way to boost your nacho game and impress your friends.

Kickin' Picked Beet Epic Nachos



Tortilla Chips
Shredded Cheese
1/2 # Ground Meat (pork or beef) OR a can of Black Beans
Veggies of your choice (Onion, Garlic, Corn, Peppers)
Fed Up Foods Kickin' Pickled Beet (chopped up)
Cumin + Chili Powder + Garlic Powder (to taste)
Salt + Pepper (to taste)
Sour Cream, Guacamole, Hot Sauce (optional)



  1. Cook your ground meat in a skillet on medium high with a little bit of oil/butter until brown. While cooking add in onions, garlic and spices to taste. If using frozen vegetables add them in during this step.
  2. Preheat your oven to 400.
  3. Grease a cookie sheet and make your nachos!
  4. Layer chips, shredded cheese, ground meat, Kickin' Pickled Beet, raw veggies, etc.!
  5. Cook until chips are a little golden brown and cheese is melty (about 7 mins).
  6. Broil on HI for 2 mins or less (keep an eye on them cuz they'll get cooked fast!)
  7. Add other garnishes like hot sauce, sour cream, guacamole, or microgreens!
  8. ENJOY!

Serving size: 2-4 people, depending how hungry you are!


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