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Fed Up Foods, LLC

3 Pack Variety Pack, Build Your Own (16 oz jar) - prices vary based on selections

3 Pack Variety Pack, Build Your Own (16 oz jar) - prices vary based on selections

Variety is the spice of life! Build your own variety pack by choosing THREE Fed Up Foods products.  Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Choose from a variety of pickled items and applesauces.

Want to know more about each product?

Browned Butter Sage Applesauce (not currently in stock)

Cranberry Applesauce (not currently in stock)

Chunky Applesauce (not currently in stock)

Smooth Applesauce (not currently in stock)

Curried Pickled Zucchini (not currently in stock)

Pear Sauce (not currently in stock)

Strawberry Applesauce

Kickin' Pickled Beet 

Maple Ginger Beet 

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Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Ideally out of direct sunlight.

Refrigerate after opening.

To increase shelf life, use a clean spoon when enjoying.

Pickled items last about 10 months in fridge after opening.

Applesauces last about 14 days in fridge after opening.

Shelf life: Unopened, 2 years from production date.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing applesauce the whole family loves!

My entire family LOVES the applesauce, especially the brown butter sage variety. This is literally the first applesauce my toddler has liked and I feel so good about giving it to her given the quality and locally-sourced ingredients. It's always great when we can purchase a food that she and the adults in the house enjoy. I can't wait to put in another order soon and try some more Feed Up Foods products!

Local Sourcing

Fed Up Foods cans produce items at their peak to capture the essence of the season in each jar. We know you'll love our products. Can't wait for you to try them!