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Cranberry Sauce Sampler Pack (2 pack)

Cranberry Sauce Sampler Pack (2 pack)

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Can't choose which Fed Up Foods Cranberry Sauce you want? Why not try both in a Sampler Pack. You'll receive one Classic Cranberry Sauce and one Specialty Cranberry Sauce. 

Put them out during your Thanksgiving feast or Holiday potluck and wow your guests with how good local cranberry sauce can be!

Check out this Recipe for Cornbread & Cranberry Sauce Swirl Muffins. 


Classic Cranberry Sauce, INGREDIENTS:  Cranberry*^, Maple Syrup^, Salt, Lemon Juice*, Spice* 

This whole berry cranberry sauce is warm and sweet. It is made with Wisconsin maple syrup (instead of cane sugar) and spiced with cinnamon. It is great on ice cream, in baked goods, and the perfect locally sourced cranberry sauce alternative for your Thanksgiving Feast! This product is made using organic cranberries from Ruesch Century Farm in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and maple syrup from Tapped. 

Specialty Cranberry Sauce, INGREDIENTS: Cranberry*^, Honey^, Salt, Lemon Juice*, Rosemary^

This whole berry, cranberry sauce is made with local Wisconsin honey (no cane sugar) and spiced with rosemary. It's a fun savory, tart, sweet experience that boggles your mind up and tickles your taste buds. We love to glaze poultry with this, put it on ice cream, and bake with it. Cranberries are sourced from Ruesch Century Farms in Vesper, WI. Try this sauce in a mocktail or a perfect way to showcase local food at your Thanksgiving feast!

* = Organic Ingredient ^ = Locally Sourced

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Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Ideally out of direct sunlight.

Refrigerate after opening.

To increase shelf life, use a clean spoon when enjoying.

Pickled items last about 10 months in fridge after opening.

Applesauces last about 14 days in fridge after opening.

Shelf life: Unopened, 2 years from production date.

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